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Solution to DirectX Error

Repair DirectX Effortlessly Fix Any Fatal DirectX Error Reinstall DirectX If Needed Guarantee Video Game Playing


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Enjoy Game Fun

Feb 21, 2016

DirectX Toolkit has been updated to v6.5. Win 10 is supported.

Uninstall DirectX

Wed, Oct 12, 2014

Need to completely uninstall DX from you computer? Try our DirectX toolkit.

Reinstall DirectX EZ Has Been Released

Wed, Oct 12, 2014

The independent site of Reinstall DirectX EZ has been finally released!

What Is Reinstall DirectX EZ?

Reinstall DirectX

Best DirectX toolkit for Windows game players

Reinstall DirectX EZ is the ONLY toolkit special for DirectX. It can help Windows game players to reinstall or uninstall DX, it can also remove fatal DirectX errors from the computer without reinstalling your OS.

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Why Do I Need It?

Remove Fatal DirectX Errors

Remove DX errors or uninstall DX from your PC

There are two reasons you need our Reinstall toolkit. No.1, you are a Windows game player and need it to remove fatal DirectX errors for game fun; No.2, you just want to uninstall DX to limit your kids playing games.

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  • Safely reinstall DirectX
  • Completely uninstall DX
  • Remove fatal DirectX errors

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